Lists bring me joy...

Hello everybody!!!!
First post of the year that I honestly hope will bring less s**t to everyone.I also hope things in my country generally improve, cause I just can’t lately, everything seems to be against us and it’s starting to be suffocating at times!

BUT NO!!!!This post is not supposed to remind of the worse of life but the exact opposite!
So, I remember asking you to help me with your suggestions about several top ten about jdramas!Well what better way to start my year with a bunch of lists???

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Because you NEVER appreciate anything...until the day you lose it!!

So...I have no hotmail for the last week...and it really REALLY sucks!
I had not realized how necessary it was for me but apparently it really is.It's not that I have another mail account so last night I gave in and gave my mobile number and now I am waiting for a code to be sent or sth AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T SEND IT!!!!

I don't know why they blocked my account, perhaps a hacker or sth got into and send messages but still...God...why me???I had also written the post about the jdramas of this season and saved it to my mail and now I can't f***king write it cause I can't get in...*depression*
Oh well, at least I have Internet connection, I can still manage. So I am writing this totally random post of things that happened or just irrelevant things that I happen to remember as I write.

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I took this idea from tokeruyounaI want you to give me ideas of categories for top ten jdramas that I have watched. It could be anything (I MEAN ANYTHING)!
Some that I will certainly do are top ten guilty pleasure jdramas and top ten ending songs of jdramas. It could be about an actor or a group or a theme that has to do with jdramas. Whatever you think , write it down and I'll try to do it.
I love lists so much so I find this to be a great idea, that's why I would really appreciate any idea you could give me!

On-going dramas Summer 2011 part 3


Here we are again, a little bit late to post again but things are a bit weird lately and I’m doing the best I can.Finishing things up is one of the things I enjoy doing so I decided to complete this season’s list about the numerous dramas I ended up watching.I honestly hope that next season will be equally successful.


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And going back to my normal life...

On-going dramas Summer 2011 part 2 (and another drop)

The great continuation after only 1 day. Well, catching up never harmed anyone. So moving on to the huuuge list because honestly this season it's a lot easier for me to say which ones I don't watch rather than those I watch. I don't complain, on the contrary it's a good sign that there are a lot of good dramas to watch. I still remember the winter season of 2010...I think I watched 3 dramas and a special? And I didn't really like one of the 3...It's interesting that summer seasons tend to be better lately.

Moving on to the list

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On-going dramas Summer 2011 (part 1): Drops

I've been wanting to do this for so long...

And finally I have a little time to give my impressions about the dramas that I'll be watching this season that me....are A LOT!!!!It's too late to write about all of them so today I'll report about the ones I have fully caught up with.
But before all...I will start with the 2 that I decided to drop after watching the first episode (the first one kind of guiltily, the second one without a second thought)

Drops of this season

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Summer of 2011....hopefully my last as a university student but it is too early for me to know this.After all I am still waiting for the results of another course that I wrote about A MONTH ago.But's still too early for her,totally understandable.Don't bother about the students that have a f***ing deadline to meet and don't know if they have passed the course (that will also not be taught after this semester).Damn you translation in politics.I hope she does pass me though,because if she doesn't ... I will be really really REALLY angry!

So to the good news because that's what this post is all about.
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