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Long time no see...

Well at least I really have an excuse.I've been studying like crazy fro my exams that finish at the end of the month.
 I hope after Monday I will be a little more free to post,as well as relax a little cause next semester I'll have to go to school for my practice(still can't believe it though,poor kids XD).
I just had to post today though because yesterday one of my cute little orders arrived and I want to share what I bought with you.Photos to follow

Loli...loli..oooohh lollipop!They are so colorfully cheery.No wonder I love them...

I even wore them today.My lovely cupcakes.They match perfectly with my pink trousers.And last but not least...

I mean they are red with ribbons...I can't stop looking at them.I think I 'm going to buy more food earrings like that.Going to sleep because another very very busy day follows tomorrow.
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