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5 word meme...well at least I am posting!

Damn, I hate exams.I really do. Yeah I know that I am not the only one but as I get older I hate them more.I don't know why, it's true though. Hopefully they are over before I have the time to complain so much.And also my birthday approaches and an unexpected sensation of joy has overflown me. (english literature has started to grown on me XD).

So moving on to the meme that I got from my flawless friend (she will blush when she sees this XD) apneatic_melody 

Comment to this post and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.


Unexpected choice ...not!  No1 XD. First j-crush ever, first reason to start watching j-dramas, first and last guy ever that I saved his photos for 8 hours (I slept at 4 o'clock that morning). Well, kinda creepy I know but I don't think I am the type who would do that normally, that's why Toma is so special. Nakatsu definitely left his mark but I am really happy Toma has progressed so much from that time.I mean he did Maou,(lol I did not even know who Ohno was at that time,I was just happy for another Toma drama), he did Majou no Saiban, Voice and Unubore Deka (I prefer to forget the Hachimitsu no Clover) and also 4 movies and he is going for the 5th.I may not always like EVERYTHING he has started but well, I find this to be perfectly normal.Everybody has their own taste. I see him trying though and I will always respect him for that.


Unexpected choice ...not! No2 XD. Now WHAT can I say about this man?That he is made of pure win? That he will always be my Doctor?That there is NOTHING he can't do as an actor?I mean really now. I have watched him to be evil and still can't forget his character.I have watched him in comedy and he was pretty great.He was Casanova.Wait let me repeat that he WAS Casanova.And he was the 10th.He took this role to another level.Eccleston was fine and Matt Smith is doing a spectacular job (gotta love the 11th) but Tennant is Tennant and that is that.

And another gif just 'cause I can


Yup that's me for sure.I don''t think I have anything else to add.I mean it's making my life a bit hard at times but still it's part of me.I can't find one gif to describe me so again I'll put the two extremes of my mood.


Not happyyyyy~


Now that's something I did not expect.Really ? I mean I never considered myself to be particularly energetic but on the other hand it's not that I'm not either.It's just never occured to me.I was always the sporty one until junior high and then I studied a lot.After passing to university I started Spanish (that I really want to continue to get the basico, it's an awesome language). I also studied Japanese a year later (guess I like languages, I want to learn Russian in the future too).And lately I've started to want to exercise once again.Jogging, dancing or even better playing a bit of volleyball that I miss so much.I guess I'll have to nag to my friends again XD.


Damn exams.Well we met when we entered university so I guess it's only natural I got this one too.The irony is that if university was what it should be (like actually doing the classes or at least informing us so that we would not have to wait in vain for an hour or even more) we would never have met.So yeah, everything happens for a reason.I hope I finish any time soon too.

Finally, a statement.I hope that when I finish my exams (so after July) I will be able to post reviews of  1)western movies 2) japanese movies 3) western series 4) japanese dramas and occasionally 5) anime (but they will be scarse) that I have watched recently or that I will be watching every week.I'll see how it goes.2 more weeks for a free summer...yaaa~y
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