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Summer of 2011....hopefully my last as a university student but it is too early for me to know this.After all I am still waiting for the results of another course that I wrote about A MONTH ago.But no...it's still too early for her,totally understandable.Don't bother about the students that have a f***ing deadline to meet and don't know if they have passed the course (that will also not be taught after this semester).Damn you translation in politics.I hope she does pass me though,because if she doesn't ... I will be really really REALLY angry!

So to the good news because that's what this post is all about.
Yesterday I went shopping with my mother because I wanted to buy a nice fancy summerish dress that I would wear in special occasions.(δεν είναι σωστό να στηριζόμαστε μόνιμα στην Παυλίδου)

I had seen a nice simple green one so we started from this shop but of course someone had bought it.I wasn't surprised to be honest, I was in a bad mood because a few days ago I had also tried to go shopping but I did not find anything to look nice on me so I was thinking "Yeah...like hell I will find something especially in my neighborhood.I have searched the whole centre of Athens and found nothing what are my chances?"

Well, as it turned out my luck smiled at me again.And from now on, I think I' ll trust my local market more.The first one I bought was this

It looks so much nicer on. I also adore this blue.
The second one I bought after we went for my mother's shopping therapy:D was this

This one is more casual that the other.I was searching for a maxi dress but everything I had found was strapless and this rarely works for me.I have my sloppy shoulders to blame but oh well...
Oh btw both of these dresses cost me around 30 euros, a price extremely logical something that made me even happier !!!

I also bought a laptop 10 days or so ago.So everyone say hello to Didi!!


The name is of course inspired from the epicness of this Didi   

I mean it's pink,it's cute, it's annoying at times but still lovable.Yup,that laptop is me!

And finally another older order that arrived more than a month ago and which cost me 100 euros (but I don't regret spending it, it was worth every euro) is this one  

The photo is incomplete because I have lent series 3 and 4 to a  friend of mine (with good taste as she wants to watch it)
Also the Blackadder collection does not only include the 4 series but ALSO 2 more dvds with interviews and extras.Consumerism, I <3 you!

Finally I would like to close this fantastic post (I am in an extremely good mood as you can see) with this pv.The song is awesome but it annoys me as hell the 3/4 separation.I personally thought as the sexiest moment of this pv Miyata moving for 2 seconds. I pray it will not last long because they are all talented!Everybody Go!!! (not just the 3 of the7:P)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXsEqsisZqU  (can't seem to embed it,sorry)
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