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On-going dramas Summer 2011 part 3


Here we are again, a little bit late to post again but things are a bit weird lately and I’m doing the best I can.Finishing things up is one of the things I enjoy doing so I decided to complete this season’s list about the numerous dramas I ended up watching.I honestly hope that next season will be equally successful.


7) Soredemo Ikite yuku (7/? )
MASTERPIECE!Well, I think that sums it up for me.So far it’s the Mother of this year.It ‘s from the same writer too so I am pretty confident that it will end in a way that I will not regret what I am stating right now.The story is touching and so real, the acting (Ohtake Shinobu good job there!and Kazappon OMG KAZAPPON), the directing…pretty much everybody working on this drama has my appreciation.I can understand why it doesn’t have high ratings due to the subject and the hard times Japan is facing right now but still this drama is worth watching so much…


8)Tempest (8/10)

I really don’t know what to think of this drama.Sure Nakama Yukie is stunning, I can see her again with Tanihara Shosuke (chemistry ftw<), I can see Takashi Tsukamoto in a decent role but then again why can’t I genuinely enjoy this?I admit it’s pleasant watching it and it’s very well made but that’s about it.Perhaps it doesn’t work on me.Best part of the drama are Gackt as a Chinese eunuch and Namie Amuro’s song at the end.


9)Hanawake no yon shimai (8/?)

I started watching Hanawake with zero expectations because let’s face this: I was clearly giving it a try for Shige and I am not slightly embarrassed to admit it :P. The first episode was a very pleasant surprise because it was much MUCH better from what I had expected.Somewhere after the third or the fourth it became mediocre and after that several other reasons started annoying me.I don’t want to spoiler some of my friends that may watch this but let’s say that Japanese culture has certain notions that I still disagree with…and I will always  disagree.I don’t regret watching this but I doubt the fact that I would watch this if Shige did not have a shirtless scene in each and every episode<3333


10) IS-Otoko demo onna demo nai (7/?)

Now that’s another great drama!I am really sad that there won’t be another drama in this time slot,I mean it had Mori no Asagao.Even though I haven’t watched it because there are no subs it’s a F**KING ARATA DRAMA,RESPECT!(*fanfirlcrisis*).Back to the drama though,it’s a very good drama with a very unique plot and real characters.I think it could be even better at times but still I can’t fully express my opinion without seeing how it finishes.


11) Don Quixote  (7/?)

I love this drama.It’s funny, it’s clever,it’s very very enjoyable to watch and I love the characters.Matsuda Shota is AWESOME!I have heard once that actors thar are good in comedy, can be good in anything and yes I can believe this, especially in his case!He is genuinely funny and if you want to make sure please go NOW and watch Meitantei no Okite<333.I admit it’s not such an exceptional drama but I personally like it too much!Oh, + Suda Masaki that I haven’t watched anywhere else (I didn’t watch all of Hammer Session and I also watched like1 episode from Juui?).There is also this amazing song that made me appreciate this group 

12) Arakawa under the Bridge (1/?)
I don't think I should include this because I decided not to watch this on-going but anyhow.First impression only made me utterly excited about this.That's the reason I will not be watching this now,I want to watch this when it's finished and not to wait 3 months for each episode.I am really grateful to Serendipity fansubs for taking this project, but I prefer to watch it in one day and die afterwards from the crack.

And going back to my normal life...
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