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RL Post...

I'm really sorry that I haven't posted for so long...

Things are quite hectic in my life recently.To be honest, the last month has been a rollercoaster *tune of "Life is a Rollercoaster playing*

Let's start with the sad part. My grandfather died last Wednesday.He was 93 years old and extremely sick due to many many reasons. I honestly think it's for the best because the last months  were hell, especially for him but for the whole family as well.
I was writing for a stupid lesson at university when he died.When I returned they told me, the whole family gathered and they took him from his home to prepare him for the funeral.I honestly believe it's all for the best, he was in constant pain and there was no way he would get better. R.I.P grandpa...

Now to the good news, I HAVE A F***ING JOB, yes I do and I like it so much.Thanks to my English teacher (I' ve known her since I was about 9 or so) I got a job as a secretary to a centre for foreign languages and there is also the possibility for me to teach there very soon.My bosses are awesome and they seem to like me so I have the best environment for my first job ever!

Secondly OMG I have a boyfriend.Damn, I actually do...It's a kind of a distance relationship but we can get to see each other  every week or so.Due to certain circumstance we haven't been seeing each other for a week but he is coming tomorrow YES YES YES!All of my friends are mocking me (with love of course) but damn I don't even care.Thank God I had already studied for the exam I am giving tomorrow at the university otherwise I don't think I would pass.(Assuming I will pass having studied but it's not so certain)

Being super happy and all today (and yesterday a bit ) I went for my shopping therapy so I am going to post the pics of what I bought

Socks are necessary in my life, my feet are cold ALL THE TIME!!

The dress I will wear tomorrow.It looks better on me<3

I think I will wear it with these shoes.

I also bought these for more everyday use.

Generally with the exception of the general situation in Greece where everything seems to fall apart, my life is awesome.I am going to enjoy this for the time it lasts.
Hoping to post soon with drama impressions of the season!

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