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November 24th, 2011

Because you NEVER appreciate anything...until the day you lose it!!

So...I have no hotmail for the last week...and it really REALLY sucks!
I had not realized how necessary it was for me but apparently it really is.It's not that I have another mail account so last night I gave in and gave my mobile number and now I am waiting for a code to be sent or sth AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T SEND IT!!!!

I don't know why they blocked my account, perhaps a hacker or sth got into and send messages but still...God...why me???I had also written the post about the jdramas of this season and saved it to my mail and now I can't f***king write it cause I can't get in...*depression*
Oh well, at least I have Internet connection, I can still manage. So I am writing this totally random post of things that happened or just irrelevant things that I happen to remember as I write.

irrelevant stuff with pics<3Collapse )
I took this idea from tokeruyounaI want you to give me ideas of categories for top ten jdramas that I have watched. It could be anything (I MEAN ANYTHING)!
Some that I will certainly do are top ten guilty pleasure jdramas and top ten ending songs of jdramas. It could be about an actor or a group or a theme that has to do with jdramas. Whatever you think , write it down and I'll try to do it.
I love lists so much so I find this to be a great idea, that's why I would really appreciate any idea you could give me!