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I am not afraid of happy endings...I am just afraid my life won't work that way

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You've been warned.It is not that I had a bad day.I' m having a very long period that shit keeps happening to me...the one after another...in pretty much all of the aspects of my life.I believe in rainbows too....just not in this post

Still we should watch even disastrous events with humour!And organize them accordingly.
A nice idea that came to mind would be to organize them like most of the astrologists do to describe you your fortune (Health,Career,Love)
Let's try this one and see how it goes.

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Let's not finish with this depression though.What do I answer to the question "do you need any more problems"?

Vacations 2010

Long time no see once again I know...but I really really want to change that.I have so many things to say that honestly I just can't put them in order ending not to write anything.I am not looking for excuses just saying that from now on, no matter how small the post I'll try to update more often.

So~ September is coming to an end soon enough and people who are waiting for the winter to arrive are increasing.I like summer but a little bit of cold (too tired of over 30C already) would be like paradise right now.Mentioning paradise I have to say a few words about my vacations this year too.Zakinthoooooo~s I love you.It is the second time I visited the Ionian islands(the first being several years before in another beautiful island,Kefallonia) and I have to say that I'll go again for sure.I am dying to go to Ithaca at some point in my life and I have many acquaintances who visited it and told me it's one of the most beautiful island they have ever seen.Of course it has to wait but it is very high on my "to visit list"(I have lists about everything after all :PPPP)

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Σας έλειψα ατιμούλικα? Πήγα και διακοπές και όσο να πεις έλειπα αλλά και πάλι θα γράψω σύντομα για αυτά.Άλλο είναι το θέμα που μας καίει τώρα και είναι φυσικά και ο λόγος αυτού του Post.Όσοι καταλάβουν κατάλαβαν.Απλά κάποιοι θα καταλάβουν πολύυυυ καλά το όποιο μήνυμα έχει αυτή η θεική γελοιογραφία.Και είτε θα προσποιηθούν πως δεν καταλαβαίνουν (ΝΑΙ ΚΑΛΑ ΣΕ ΤΑ ΜΑΣ) είτε θα κινδυνεύω όταν το δουν.Πάλι καλά που θα λείπω αύριο.
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oxygen is more important

Ewan McGregor appreciation day!

Isn't it nice when you just have a free day?Well yesterday was one of these days so I thought I'd see a movie I really wanted to see lately."I love you Phillip Morris" was actually a very good movie.I didn't know what exactly to expect,I mean I knew it was good but what kind of good? Also how good something is, can be entirely different depending on the one watching the movie.Well I liked it.Very much I could say.I'll elaborate more in a few lines about this movie.
After watching this one I was like "yeah McGregor is AWESOME" SO I decided to watch another movie I had The "Shallow Grave".Yup another good movie that I can't understand why they don't show on television,insisting on promoting the same b*******t I have been watching since I was 5.Now that I think about it though,I can understand why they haven't shown this movie on television.But let's take it from the beginning.

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No really now,I think it will be pointless to even start describing how awesome I feel right now. Damn I am still smiling!!!! I feeeeel so haaaaappy I feeeeel so haaaappy....I could even write a song about it now that I think about it.But oh well posting on lj is a way to have this feeling of happiness a bit more so I 'll stick with that for now.

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Another picspam...

Yeah I know ,I am late but give me a break I have a lot of things going on lately!!! (really I do).
Sooooo back to the point. Mop girl was actually good (ok the first episode) but still I am really happy that I gave it a chance.At some point I even considered deleting it due to lack of space (and I don't think a lot of you can actually judge me harshly on this).I remember deleting Gachi baka but that one I should have never downloaded in the first place. I think it was at around the time I had finished Nobuta and I didn't know almost anything about jdramas or johnnys so I gave it a chance.Perhaps it is good but still I have so many good dramas to watch that I actually WANT to so...bye bye Gachi baka.
Now let's start...

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One happy day

           I feel so happy,I started Pride.Yes the one and only Kimura's Pride with ice-hockey.Well I had to choose a Kimura drama for my season this time and it was its turn after Change.So what do you get when you have THE amazing cast  (including the two main characters that they seem made for each other)  with an interesting idea  (after all it is the first episode,never judge before the end but I kinda like the screenwriter too) and a soundtrack full of Queen?
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Yamapi- Ζωή ή χαιδευτικά Zopi!!!

Δε θα μπορούσε να λείπει,δε θα το επέτρεπα!!Και εξάλλου τόσο καλά,ταιριαστά και πέρα έως πέρα καμμένα έχει βγάλει η ελληνική μουσική γιατί να με πιάσουνε συγκεκριμένα τώρα οι ντροπές?Ας σπάσουμε λίγη πλάκα ακόμα όσο μπορούμε,έτσι κι αλλιώς για τη Ζωή γράφουμε.Αλλά πλέον το ζευγάρι μετατοπίστηκε,ο Νίνο εκτοπίστηκε για την ώρα και στην πίστα ανεβαίνει... ε με συγχωρείτε σειρά παίρνει ο μοναδικός αντιπαθητικός (στο fic ) πάντα Πης ο οποίος δεν έκανε και κάτι τόσο τραγικό απλά πήδηξε το λάθος άτομο. Αν το καλοσκεφτούμε μεγάλο μέρος της παραλιακής στηρίζεται πάνω σε αυτή τη μαλακία του,λες να πρέπει να του χρωστάμε και χάρη?(κάποια δε θα χαρεί πολύ στην ιδέα...).

Αυτό το Post λοιπόν όπως όλοι καταλάβατε πλέον όλοι είναι αφιερωμένο σε ένα περίεργο ζευγάρι αλλά ζευγάρι μολοταύτα που ήρθε και μας "πήδηξε" (κυριολεκτικά το ρήμα) το σενάριο.Χαλάλι τους βρε!!!Ορίστε βρήκα και φοβερό σύνθημα παραλιακής
"ήρθες να μας πάρεις τη ζωή (Pun intended) α ρε Πη ,α ρε Πηηηηηη~"
Να το κάψω κι άλλο ή να αρχίσω?Μπαααα ας το κάψω με τα τραγούδια
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I just finished Doctor Who or to be exact up to the last year's specials.So no more Tennant  but oh well there is something called rewatch.And Tennant as the Doctor is definitely in that list of the dramas/series worth rewatching again and again....and again.Well, being a very big fan and all I cried of course a lot in the end but a part of me wanted him to move on to something else too and I know that it's for his own good so I wish him every luck in everything he does from now on. After all , I will most definitely support him.

 So moving on I would like to write something for him,I hate spoilers so do not worry nothing of that sort .Just a few of the many screencaps I took during the series and some comments from the season 2 up to the very end of "the end of time".

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I am so so so sorry for the lack of Captain Jack.He is epic I know and I mean it!!!So because I feel terribly guilty I added something.Something very good and not spoilerish for the series.And I love him.A lot.He deserves the video.And I just started thinking if there is any captain Jack in the eleventh.I will do some research